services and solutions

Tulugak offers a complete range of services and solutions to help organizations of all sizes optimize, modernize and manage their print and imaging environments.

Our areas of expertise fall into three main categories:


discovery services



The first step in any imaging fleet optimization project is discovery – that is, assessing the customer’s needs and their existing imaging environment. How are the devices performing? How many people share each device? Why does the existing imaging environment no longer meet the customer’s needs? Once we collect and analyse the answers to these and other questions, we can begin to design a new imaging environment.


As part of the discovery process, we perform an Energy and Sustainability Review and a Fleet Baselining Service to help our customers understand their resource consumption and the carbon footprint of their existing output fleet. Then we work closely with the customer to develop a more environmentally friendly fleet design that reduces their resource dependence and environmental impact across the board.

fleet planning services



After we perform a full assessment of our customer’s existing print and imaging fleet, we begin redesigning the environment. We work closely with customers to develop a new, more efficient and more eco-friendly architecture that meets their current and future needs.


Tulugak’s designs are scalable, flexible and secure. Our Sustainable Fleet Mapping Service provides customers with an action plan that will help reduce their resource consumption and their environmental impact. Often, relatively small adjustments – such as making more use of higher efficiency machines or changing printer settings to reduce energy consumption – can significantly reduce an organization’s carbon footprint.

fleet transformation services


Tulugak’s Rationalization Solutions focus on rightsizing the customer’s fleet to make the best use of your existing devices. We’ll help you determine the right layout and the optimal number and types of devices based on your organization’s end users’ needs.


With our Managed Print Services (MPS), Tulugak will look after everything so you don’t have to. From device procurement, service and maintenance to consumables inventory management and replenishment and beyond, Tulugak manages your print fleet from end-to-end, so you can focus on your core business.


We work with our customers to continuously fine-tune their fleet based on usage, performance and cost indicators so that it is always operating at its peak. Our Fleet Enhancement Services allows you to take advantage of the latest technology – such as mobility solutions, advanced accounting features and heightened security measures – to improve your fleet performance and your end user experience.